The dramatic development of our island-nation is reflected in the dynamic transformation of the Singapore River. Long a centre for trade and commerce due to its prime positioning, the 19th century declaration of Singapore's free port status meant the island's rapid rise to find its place in the world as a key trading port and maritime harbour.

The book display case opens to reveal a stunning artistic rendition of our nation's journey from 1819 to 2019.

Along with this came the onslaught of dense water-borne traffic. A long-established lifeline for generations of Singaporeans, the once tranquil river became congested and polluted from ever-growing trade along its shores, and a booming population. In the 1970s, then-Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew called for a clean-up of Singapore's rivers, a massive national undertaking that spanned the course of 10 years with many challenges.

Today, the Singapore River is a clean and attractive place of interest located in the heart of the city, known to tourists and locals alike as a hub for business as well as waterfront dining and leisure.

The metamorphosis of Singapore from its humble beginnings to one of the world's busiest ports not only marks the growth of a small but resilient country, but also the tenacity of its people, who came together to achieve the challenging feat of transforming the island-nation into a modern metropolis of towering skyscrapers and glittering cityscape.

Reflecting Singapore's rich history, the image captures in splendid details a scene from yesteryear's Singapore River, featuring coolies bearing sacks of good from a bumboat.

The intricate craftsmanship here boasts a highly precise and beautiful rendition of significant icons and landmarks found along the present-day Singapore River, such as the Merlion, Sir Stamford Raffles’ statue and Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, showcased against the modern Singapore skyline.

This tastefully designed, hand-bound book display case is indeed a befitting Bicentennial gift to future generations. Housing the limited edition medallion(s), the display case is crafted with beautiful printing effects and boasts a charmingly designed "Moving Singapore Skyline" cover.

First in the thematic series, the book spines of Series 1 will be designed with the letter 'S'. The complete collection will spell out 'Singapore' when placed together as a set.

Special Features of the Medallions

Limited Serialised Mintage

Only up to 200 each of the gold and silver medallions will be specially serialised and made available, making each piece a rare and sought after collectible.

Prismatic Effect

Minted using cutting-edge technology, the medallions features an iridescent finishing known as the "Prismatic Effect".

Verified by Singapore Assay Office

Each gold and silver medallion will be accompanied by a certificate confirming the authenticity of its precious metal, as verified by the Singapore Assay Office.

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