SERIES 5: Answering A Thirst


From a resource-scarce island nation to a flourishing city-state with integrated water management, waterworks and structured distribution systems in place, Singapore has come a long way in its water voyage.

Water is crucial to the survival of a growing country, and Singapore was heavily dependent on imported water from Malaysia in the early days. However, with rising water demands that increased in tandem with the nation’s development, our pioneering leaders established a vision for an independent yet stable water supply. Civil servants and engineers also saw through gruelling years of hard work and research in efforts to diversify the nation’s water resources.

The book display case opens to reveal a stunning artistic rendition of the milestones and achievements that mark the progress and journey of our dynamic nation over the many years.

The unwavering persistence, grit and firm resolve of the earlier generation eventually formed the foundations of Singapore’s current water system. Today, modern Singapore stands at the front line of water innovation with breakthroughs in water technologies, and is internationally recognised as a model city for urban water management. An emerging global hydrohub, the city-state will continue with its prevailing efforts towards water self-sufficiency, emboldening a new wave of visionaries who will continue to write Singapore’s water legacy.

Minted on the Gold (999) medallion’s obverse in remarkable high relief are a bullock-drawn cart used to draw fresh water from wells in the past and an antique water pump. The design commemorates the origins and early days of Singapore’s water journey, reflecting the outstanding progress and advancements the nation has made in terms of its water system.

Crafted on the Silver (999) proof medallion and Rose Gold proof-like medallion are frequently-sighted wild otters, an indication of the nation’s cleaner water bodies today. In the background, the Marina Barrage known for its desalination system alongside laboratory test tubes represent Singapore’s steady efforts in water research and development as the city-state works towards a water self-sufficient future one drop at a time.

Special Features of the Medallions

Limited Serialised Mintage

Only up to 200 each of the gold and silver medallions will be specially serialised and made available, making each piece a rare and sought after collectible.

Prismatic Effect

Minted using cutting-edge technology, the medallions features an iridescent finishing known as the "Prismatic Effect".

Verified by Singapore Assay Office

Each gold and silver medallion will be accompanied by a certificate confirming the authenticity of its precious metal, as verified by the Singapore Assay Office.

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