A double-edged sword, Singapore’s covetable geographic and trade position has historically made it a centre of strong and violent contention between regional and international influences. Subject to the world around it with little resource for defence, the port-town fell into decline after constant power tussles for and around the island, occurring through the early to mid-17th century.

In the modern history of Singapore’s journey – from its colonisation by the British and the Japanese Occupation, to participation and separation from Malaysia – Singapore and her citizens have learned valuable lessons in the importance of self-reliance, readiness and unity as part of an effective defence strategy.

The book display case opens to reveal a stunning artistic rendition of the infrastructure and landmarks that mark the progress and journey of our dynamic nation over the many years.

First-generation leaders of post-independence Singapore were prudent in ensuring that defence on all fronts was key to the survival of a largely resourceless, tiny and segmented country with larger and more established neighbours. In developing the young nation’s strength and ability to survive and thrive, newly-minted citizens counted on these leaders as pillars of security and visionary will.

Having endured the instability and precariousness that has characterised her earlier years of nationhood, the modern Singapore has emerged like a glittering diamond. The island-city’s current state of autonomous independence was hard-earned and conscientiously developed by a pioneering generation of leaders. Today, it is maintained with a sophisticated citizen army and a multi-pronged Total Defence strategy, which is constantly developed to meet and surmount new challenges in the digital age.

Minted on the Gold (999) medallion’s obverse in exquisite high relief, is an image depicting Singapore’s early defence system. Featuring sixties-era police officers and relics such as a cannon from Fort Siloso, the design highlights the amazing progress and development that Singapore’s defences have undergone since.

The design on both the Silver (999) proof medallion and Rose Gold proof-like medallion features the six pillars of Singapore’s Total Defence system in glittering facets, fanning out dynamically above a fluttering Singapore flag. They represent the multi-pronged approach to safety and security that ensures our nation’s modern day peace and progress.

Series 4: Limited Serialised Mintage


Only up to 200 out of the total mintage of 600 and 2000 for the gold and silver medallions respectively will be specially serialised and made available, making each piece a rare and sought-after collectible.

Special Features of the Medallions

Limited Serialised Mintage

Only up to 200 each of the gold and silver medallions will be specially serialised and made available, making each piece a rare and sought after collectible.

Prismatic Effect

Minted using cutting-edge technology, the medallions features an iridescent finishing known as the "Prismatic Effect".

Verified by Singapore Assay Office

Each gold and silver medallion will be accompanied by a certificate confirming the authenticity of its precious metal, as verified by the Singapore Assay Office.

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