Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

1) How do I order?

There are a few ways to place your order for the Singapore Bicentennial Medallion Set Collection. The fastest way is to proceed to the 'Shop' page. If you require help, please check out this page for more information.

2) How do I purchase the product?

You may proceed to the 'Shop' page and select 'Order Now' on your desired item. Please fill up the form and await your order confirmation.

Customers may also walk in to any of our retail outlets and our retail assistants will guide you on how to order.

3) How long would the first series be on sale for?

It will be on sale as long as there is available stock for the Gold, Silver and Rose Gold Medallions respectively. For the Gold and Silver Medallions, there is a limited mintage of up to 800 pieces and up to 2000 pieces respectively for the first series in the collection, 'A Nation Transformed'.

4) When would the next series be launched?

Noel Gifts will launch a new series on an average of once every month.

5) Are the sizes of the Gold, Silver and Rose Gold Medallions the same?

The pictures of the Medallions are of similar size for a clearer illustration of the design and theme.

Please refer to the product specifications in the 'Shop' page for details like diameter, weight and other features.

6) Is it possible to have the Gold, Silver and Rose Gold Medallions in one book?

Due to the nature of the design, the Acrylic casing that houses the Medallions cannot hold all 3 Gold, Silver and Rose Gold Medallions at the same time.

7) Does the Rose Gold Medallions have the Prismatic Effect?

No, only the Gold and Silver Medallions will have the Prismatic Effect. Read more about the medallions here.

8) What is serialisation?

Serialisation is a form of personalisation. Serial numbers will be specially carved out on the edge of the exclusive serialised medallions.

This serialisation is limited to a mintage of 200 for Silver and Gold medallions respectively, with serial numbers from 001 – 200 only.

Each Gold and Silver Medallion will be accompanied by a certificate confirming the authenticity of its precious metal, as verified by the Singapore Assay Office.

9) How do I enter into the bidding process for the serialised numbers?

You may proceed to select ‘Order Serialised’ on the ‘Order Now’ page. This will bring you to the bidding selection page with the product of your choice, where you can enter your bid amount for the item(s).

To participate in the bidding process, you will have to pay a $5 administrative fee for every bid you make. This administrative fee is non-refundable.

Once the bidding process has closed, we will announce the winner(s) for the serial numbers. You will proceed to make payment of your product price and bid amount, upon a successful bid. Find out more about the bidding process.

10) When will the bidding results be released?

The bidding exercises will be open for 10 days. The results will be tabulated and you will be informed of the bidding results via email and SMS.

The latest bidding information will be announced on our website.

11) How will I know if my order is successful?

You will receive an email and SMS acknowledging your order along with your Order Reference Number once you have submitted your order(s).

12) Where can I collect my item(s)?

You may collect your items at Noel Gifts’ main office at:

21 Ubi Road 1 #03-01
Singapore 408724

Please refer to the details stated on your order confirmation documents for your self-collection/delivery time and date.

13) How long does it take for the item(s) to be ready?

As the medallions require a delicate production process, we will notify you of the earliest available time and date for self-collection or delivery when your item(s) are ready.

You may check for the available time and date when you are at the Shopping Cart page.

For enquiries, please call 6299 1155 or email us at

14) What do I need to bring to collect my item(s)?

You will be required to bring along your identification documents and redemption letter for verification purposes.

15) Can I get someone else to collect the item(s) on my behalf?

Yes. To authorise someone to collect the item(s) on your behalf, please download the authorisation form. We will also require the following:

  1. Signed authorisation form

  2. Order confirmation email or SMS

  3. Photocopy or scanned copy of your identification document

  4. The authorised person’s identification document

16) Can I get it delivered to my doorstep?

Yes, of course! Delivery charges starting at $10(GST Inclusive) per location will apply.

17) I missed my self-collection/delivery! What should I do?

Please call 6299 1155 or email us at with your Order Reference Number and inform us of your next preferred self-collection/delivery time and date. Following that, our team will advise you on the re-delivery details. Contact us via our inquiry form.

Re-delivery charges starting at $10 per location will apply.

18) Is there free delivery?

Free delivery is available for orders worth $2000(GST Inclusive) per location.

19) Can I cancel my order? What about refunds and exchanges?

Cancellation of orders is strictly not allowed. Read about our terms and conditions here.

Refunds and exchanges of the item(s) are not allowed upon the customer’s acceptance of the item(s). Item(s) shall be deemed accepted upon acknowledgement of the delivery order. Please check the condition of your item(s) upon delivery/collection.

20) Do you deliver to international addresses?

Our medallions are for delivery in Singapore only.

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