As a young and rapidly rising nation, Singaporeans must remember those who came before: the forebears who forged the grounds upon which Singapore reaches new heights. Singapore’s early nation-builders worked tirelessly to develop its foundations long before official independence in 1965.

Predominantly immigrant workers seeking employment and better fortunes in the new free port, they ranged from lowly-paid unskilled labourers and convicts, to tradesmen, artisans and white-collar administrators. Through hard work, perseverance and sheer will, these predecessors formed the early backbone of Singapore’s industries in construction, agriculture, mining, shipping and more.

Today, students are educated to excel across fields such as Medicine, Business, Science and the Arts – giving rise of a new generation of Nation Builders.

The book display case opens to reveal a stunning artistic rendition of the infrastructure and landmarks that mark the progress and journey of our dynamic nation over the many years.

Post-independence, Singapore’s economy has developed to meet the changing social economic needs of its people in the world around. Shifting towards a focus on high technology and value-added industries necessitates a supply of highly-skilled, professional workers.

Minted on the gold medallion’s obverse is a design that captures in vivid detail, a pair of weathered, work-worn and lined hands. This is in symbolic representation of Singapore’s forebears, who toiled hard against all odds to deliver the modern metropolis of today.

The striking design depicts the “Nation Builders” of modern Singapore fronting and orchestrating the future of a glittering Singapore. Hailing from across the nation’s four main races, they highlight the diversity and range of Singapore’s new generation of industries and expertise. 

This tastefully designed, hand-bound book display case is indeed a befitting Bicentennial gift to future generations. Housing the limited edition medallion(s), the display case is crafted with beautiful printing effects and boasts a charmingly designed "Moving Singapore Skyline" cover.

Second in the thematic series, the book spines of Series 2 will be designed with the letter 'I'. The complete collection will spell out 'Singapore' when placed together as a set.

Special Features of the Medallions

Limited Serialised Mintage

Only up to 200 each of the gold and silver medallions will be specially serialised and made available, making each piece a rare and sought after collectible.

Prismatic Effect

Minted using cutting-edge technology, the medallions features an iridescent finishing known as the "Prismatic Effect".

Verified by Singapore Assay Office

Each gold and silver medallion will be accompanied by a certificate confirming the authenticity of its precious metal, as verified by the Singapore Assay Office.

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